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I was born in 1975 in Asturias, a beautiful province in the North coast of Spain, surrounded by large beaches and green mountains.

I’m not one of those people who grew up in a home where they played with analogic cameras of their parents who always were taking pictures. Really, I only remember an old film camera that was always kept in his leather case.

I worked for many years as a draftsman in an architectural firm, a good job that allowed me to learn about the world of design, and understand the value of images to provide a quality work well done.

At the same time, in my leisure I was developing my main hobby: photography. Somehow came to my hands a simple plastic camera with 35 mm film, with which I take my first vacations and friends pictures. That was some time ago… (I only remember that I was young ;-). And from there everything was going gradually and in a natural way: I bought my first analogic compact camera, then came the digital world and finally I discover something called reflex… and what was my hobby became my job.

Currently I work at full time in a commercial and stock photography. Although I make various types of work, I try to focus my images in lifestyle. I love thinking about the best way to capture the details, emotions, and of course, the people, so that each story be unique and different. I distribute a lot of my pictures through Cavan Images, Westend61 and Getty Images, with publications for brands like Vodafone, Apple or MTV among others. I live with my wife and two children and somehow they all involved in this hobby that now is my profession. My wife, who organizes and makes it possible that many of the ideas can be carried out, my eight years old son, who is already using his own camera, and my three years old daughter, who for now smiles at me and says “Daddy, are you taking pictures?”

… and yes, the old film camera with leather case today is in my house.